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Things That You Need to Consider When Dealing With Wedding Flowers

Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Flowers

Flowers are considered to be one of the most important element in wedding. They don’t just use as decoration but also used as accessories for bride and bridesmaids. Next to food, flowers are also one of the most important element that you need to spend with. When deciding to use flower in your wedding you need to consider a lot of things. Some of the basic bases to choose suitable flowers are the theme and the purpose. No matter if you are dealing with fresh or synthetic you always need to use the color scheme in order to match the wedding.

All About WeddingIt is important that if you hired someone to take care of your wedding you should always give them that color palette to work with. Such thing can be very helpful not only to your planner but also to your wedding florists. Such thing is ideal rather than insisting a specific flower which sometimes can cause huge problem because of the availability. By giving a specific color palette rather than giving specific flower will help the florist to come up with stunning design that will match the color.  Sometimes giving a specific flower to work with rather than color will also cause a problem when it comes to budget. Some flowers that are not available in your place may be can be ordered from other states but they may cause you a lot.

Use the flowers to draw attention to the most beautiful and breathtaking parts of the venue rather than covering and hiding ugly and unpolished part of the room. You don’t need to put flowers to the places that doesn’t play an important to the wedding reception. However, if you insist to cover those ugly details you may want to consider using other elements that can be incorporated with flowers like cheap fabrics or balloons.

When planning for a bouquet make sure that the size is manageable and realistic. You may be overwhelmed with the beauty of the flowers but you can’t use all the flowers that you’ve purchased. Petite brides need to have smaller bouquet. The size of the flower bouquet should match the body type and size of the bride. Having larger bouquet that the usual one will not flatter your looks. It will just hide your beautiful figure and dress. Go simple as much as possible.

Avoid doing a DIY flower bouquet especially if you don’t have any experience in arranging flowers. DIY and purchasing a ready-made is almost the same in price.

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