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Six Small Things That Could Be a Big Marriage Issue Many Couples Experience

Little Relationship Issues That Are Overlooked

Nowadays, even the smallest things could be the cause of or heartbreak. Even to stronger relationships like marriage, a simple shortcoming could make the wife and husband face each other in the divorce court someday. As immatures as it sounds, but there are small things that are not easily accepted as a part of them being together.

All About WeddingThe influence of social media – Before it is just wife and the husband in the bedroom. Now, thousands of friends already know what they just did. If one of them just can’t control making every move a Facebook status and uploading photographs, then it is time to be alarmed. As one who is married, you have to remember that through this, your every move wherever you are will be made public. Your marriage is exclusive to just the two of you. There is no need for it to be reported everyday to the world. There should be still some things that you would like only the two of you will know.

Cooking and other household chores – The wife is the one expected to manage the home. Unfortunately, modern women nowadays are not into cooking, cleaning, and household chores. Even if it is hard for the wife to learns it, she should still be able to make something even just simple dishes and cleaning chores. If the husband is the one who is good at cooking, the wife could take those that she is good at. This is just about teamwork. Don’t expect that one could do everything alone just to keep the house.

Not having a bit of a servant’s heart – Even  if the wife thinks that her husband can fix his own plate, she should still take the effort to take care of him. Take this as a little way to show your affection. As a wife, you should honor your husband with respect and the return must also be returned.

Curses are hurtful words too – You maybe used expressing yourself with curses like it is not a big deal. This is also very indecent especially if during agreements. This could just heat up your bickering anymore. At all times, it is best to watch your mouth and be more sensitive and careful with your words.

Not giving and receiving compliments – If you notice that you partner is making the effort, don’t forget to give compliments. This could just be what your partner just need to reassure that you still appreciate what she/he does everyday for you.

Less effort to take care of thyself – It may now be okay for the women to just go out and look like they just woke up. However, it won’t take much time to dress up a bit and show why you are worthy of your husband. Don’t forget to dress up for dates too!

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