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Incorporating Fabric in Your Festive Wedding Event

How to Make Your Wedding Great with Fabrics?

All About WeddingLengths of soft chambray, lovely liberty print, vibrant ikat, or even eyelet can create a surprisingly chic look for your wedding. And if you can rip, glue, stitch, and photocopy, you can bring all of these projects to life. To start, enlist a garland to spruce up a blank ceremony backdrop or decorate dinner chairs or a bar. Cut fabric scraps with pinking shears, and run them through a sewing machine to link them up. Here are some of the ideas that you can do for that fabric wedding DIY project that you are going to have:


Finish a sunny bouquet of sweet peas, poppies, and ranunculus with sweeping streamers. To make them, rip remnants with the grain, snipping edges with scissors. Then tie them around blooms, and slice dangling ends on the diagonal. To make your bouquet more beautiful, this is the perfect addition that you can get.


The key to the whimsical collection shown is to mix your media. First, commission this suite’s paper elements from the print icon. Then add the fabric yourself, using an adhesive laminating machine. This is a beautiful thing that you can add in your big day. So make it great using a fabric.


Help guests find their tables and give them something festive to wear—the bows on these escort cards can be removed and pinned over the strap of a dress or onto the lapel of a suit. To create them, you just need to add some creativity to make your card display more awesome.


Bright bunches of sweet peas, poppies, roses, ranunculus, and astrantia will pop when placed in cloth-covered vases. To make them, attach fabric to plant pots with double-sided adhesive sheets. This is a  beautiful wedding idea to add in your reception area for a festive wedding look.  Never forget to add something that will make it stand out more.


This pom-pom headband, which makes a fun, wiltproof alternative to a floral wreath, entails wrapping fabric around a store-bought band, then tying on a pouf made from strips of the same material. A fabric braid for a flower girl is just as elementary. Divide hair into three sections; pin a thin length of denim to each one at the roots. Braid each section, using the fabric as one of the three strands. Twist them around her head, pinning them into place.

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