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Benefits of Having an Autumn Wedding

Perfect Autumn Wedding

While summer and winter is known for perfect wedding season many couples are now becoming hooked with autumn wedding. Basically, autumn is the perfect time to have stylish and artsy wedding because of the colorful spectrum. It has this magnificent earthy tone that can make someone’s wedding memorable. There are many advantages to having a wedding in autumn. This time of year is perfect for an outdoor wedding, aside from the wonderful colors around the weather is not too hot and not too freezing; with autumn wedding you the chance to employ an array of fabulous ideas for décor, food, fashion and more.

Here are just a few to things to consider as you plan your upcoming wedding:


Outdoor wedding venues can be the perfect backdrop for a fall wedding. Keep in mind that you are chasing the awesome autumn color here therefore you need to capture it by having your wedding outdoor. It is important to explore the endless options that you can find. There are varieties of legendary locations around your local area. It is ideal to survey or scout potential venue during fall. Which means that if your wedding will be next year, this year’s falls should be used in hunting for potential wedding venue, simply because you will not see the real looks of the venue unless it is autumn. An autumn wedding provides a great opportunity to look beyond the usual event spaces. If you are fan of rustic venue then this is the right time to have your wedding because the color of rustic is connected to autumn colors.

Though autumn is not as freezing as winter, the cold breeze may interrupt the wedding. Make sure that if you are planning to have the ceremony outdoor provide a cozy place for the reception so that your guests stay arm. You can have a marquee instead of the real indoor reception.


You can use stationary for your wedding invitation. Match the color with autumn such as those pinecones, trees or autumn leaves.  You can also use vintage papers for your material. You can even use orange pumpkin as your invitation color with a touch of brown, silver, and gold. Cedar wedding programs and place cards also add a lovely rustic touch.


If you think that pumpkin is for Halloween decoration only then you are wrong. It can be a perfect centerpiece as well as wooden basket. Pinecones are not for Christmas only; it can also be used for autumn wedding decoration and paired it with wreaths.  To illuminate your venue you can use candles but if it is an outside venue probably a storm lantern can hold the wind. Why not have grapevine arbor to complete the idea.

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